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  1. Paname


    Hi we looking for BP in clan, pm me for details ing Paname.
  2. Paname

    Aurora International Clan

    We have one tank but you are welcomed, rare is you. What tank yu take on 40 lvl?
  3. Paname


    We are here for peoples like you, come and check Aurora's topic. 🙂
  4. Paname

    Aurora International Clan

    Looking for summoners.
  5. Paname

    Aurora International Clan

    Looking for SWS BD Destoyers.
  6. Aurora Clan is level 1 and recruiting members. No pressure clan, no requirements pushed upon you. You can play solo if you wish, and join RBs, pvp etc. Friendly community from all over the world. Most wanted classes are: BP OL MAGE TANK pm ing Paname